Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Can't sleep...

This is serious. I have the sleeping pills, I just can't get myself to take them. It is like, whenever I try a thought flashes through my head : Sleep and do what?!

Is that crazy, or is it normal if you go for so long without sleep?!!


Me tired, me thinks i will go sleep. Goodnight and happy halloween.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Hangover..................................... and a half!

Yesterday i went out to this Arabic place called L mondo wit some friends. It was fun, i
danced my ass off and just met new people.

Today, I woke up with a
hangover and a half. i had actually forgotten what they felt like until now. I
woke up feeling extremely queasy, unable to breathe, light/heavy headed and
very, I repeat, VERY sensitive to noise. Last time i had a hangover this bad was
before the Christmas holidays last year. i was travelling in the afternoon so my
friend and i decide to get drunk the night before. Boy did we get drunk! We
drank a whole bottle of Smirnoff Vodka straight up in shots. We did some juice shots, but
then decided against them as they made everything worse.

Hangover is still
here, of course.
My stupid neighbour is moving and was therefore screaming at
the top of her lungs when telling her friends what to do. Like it is 9 am, why
cant you just speak in a normal voice????

I still feel drunk,
actually, more like tipsy. Me happy!!! =)

Saturday, October 28, 2006

The clouds are parting...

Wow, October is almost over and November is knocking hard on
the door. So far, although i have had many more downs than ups, I must admit, I
am enjoying my last few months here. I am always surrounded by great people and
friends and i think that that is what counts in the long run. I am partying like
I have never partied before -seriously, I never party!- and just enjoying my

I think it is finally sinking in and i am finally
potentially accepting it. I am leaving and that is that. Someone advised me to
not fret over it. That person told me to go back, put my bags down, settle down
and then let life unravel. He said that life will go on, and I believe him.

Actually, today is the first in a long time were
i wake up thinking that today is a good day. Who knows, it might just

Thursday, October 26, 2006


Yet another not-so-important piece of knowledge from gullibleinfo.com:

"Americans cite November as the most stressful month of the year."

Could it be because I was born in November?!!!


Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Alternate Future?

Today, it popped up twice that I could have gone to Ottawa U or Carlton U and obtained a degree in International business rather than the Poli Sci one i will have soon. Twice, in one day. I find that really wierd. I never thought about it, even now, I still do not know why it is that I did not go. I got a scholarship and everything. I even had a dorm room waiting for me. All I had to do was show up, agree, decide. I didn't, however. I refused. I did not want to end up in Ottawa. I did not want to end up in Business, and I sure as hell did not know what I wanted. So, Concordia was the answer. Do I regret it? Hell no! It was an exciting ride. It provided me with much needed experience and loaded me with insight. Yup, I might bitch and whine about Concordia most of the time, but to be honest, I wouldn't trade it for the world.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006


This I got from gullibleinfo.com:

"The proteins in milk have been shown to drastically reduce libido. "

Is this interesting or what?!!! Imagine! Why would anyone in their right minds drink milk now??? I am sorry, but I for one, believe that this outweighs any benfits it may have on my health. My libido!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, October 23, 2006

Not Eid for All...

Translation: It is a sin to cry on the day of Eid, my son....
Naji Al Ali is one of the best political cartoonists to have ever lived. I shall compile a short biography about him and post it soon!

Eid Mubarak

Well, today is Eid. Eid is a Muslim celebration to end the holy month of Ramadan. It is typically a three day event whereby family and friends meet and greet each other, prayers are preformed, and money and food given to the poor. It is a beautiful time if you are lucky enough to be surrounded by those dearest to you. Above all else, however, it is a time to kick back, relax and enjoy the great food and sweets that are usually served with not-so-great company.

Ahhh yes, I remember what Eid was like. Last time I celebrated Eid was 6 years ago. 6 years... that is a hell of a long time to go without it. No wonder that sometimes i feel that I am no longer connected... it is probably because in 6 years, whatever connection I had, I have lost.

Last Eid I had was in 2001. I remember waking up in the morning to the smell of my dads perfume -he had just walked past my room-, to the sound of my mom's hairdryer, to the sound of the phone ringing nonstop and finally, to the sound of the T.V where they were broadcasting the Eid prayer live from one of the mosques.We would all put on our best clothes, get ready, then go out for Lunch. Usually my dad invites family and close friends for stuffed veal, or kharoof mi7shi-. A lot has changed since then. For starters, as my sister puts it, now you wake up to the voice of her kid and my brothers kid screaming. It is a different house too, since my parents moved recently. Even the head of state has changed as the Sheikh died 2 years ago.

So that is what my Eid was like then. My Eid now? Nonexistent. I have no one to celebrate with, and even if i did, i can't. I have three classes first thing in the morning, starting at 8:45 am. I do not even feel it is Eid in this country... 6 years, BIG change...


I hate human kind sometimes. Seriously! What is the need for war? Why is it always the innocent and the poor that get hurt badly???

This article really got my blood boiling. Do we, as humans, really find it necessary to inflict that much pain and suffering on fellow humans? Do we really need to possess such harmful weapons whose use needs to be regulated by international treaties that are not obeyed most of the time?!

Israelis dropped phosphorous bombs in

October 23 2006
The Israeli army dropped phosphorous bombs against Hizbollah
guerrilla targets in Lebanon during the war in August, an Israeli minister said
yesterday, confirming Lebanese allegations for the first time.Phosphorus weapons
can cause severe burns and are banned for use in civilian areas, but Israel
insisted it used the weapons in accordance with international law."The Israeli
army made use of phosphorous shells during the war against Hizbollah in attacks
against military targets in open ground," Cabinet Minister Yaakov Edri said.The
Lebanese government had accused Israel of dropping such bombs during the
conflict.Until now, Israel had said it used the weapons only to mark targets or
territory, the Israeli daily Haaretz reported.Edri said international law did
not ban the use of phosphorous weapons. However, many rights groups, including
the Red Cross, have pushed to ban the weapons. The Geneva Conventions ban using
white phosphorous against civilians or civilian areas. More than 1200 civilians
were killed on both sides during the conflict, which started with Hizbollah's
kidnapping of two Israeli soldiers in July.Israel has been accused of firing up
to four million cluster bombs into Lebanon during the war, especially in the
hours before the ceasefire. UN experts say up to one million cluster bombs
failed to explode immediately and continue to threaten civilians.The UN Mine
Action Centre says at least 21 people have been killed and more than 100 wounded
by cluster bombs since the end of the war. A cluster bomb killed a 12-year-old
boy and injured his brother in southern Lebanon yesterday. Hizbollah has been
criticised for failing to distinguish between Israeli civilian and military
targets. Meanwhile, Israeli Defence Minister Amir Peretz said air force flights
over Lebanon would continue because arms smuggling to Lebanese guerrillas had
not stopped.Several ministers also called for a military operation to retake
control of Gaza's southern border and prevent Palestinian militants smuggling
weapons from neighbouring Egypt.-AP

Saturday, October 21, 2006

= )

Me Happy. Today, it flurried for the first time. Winter is officially here. I love the winter. There is something so right about it. It brings in a new hope for life.

Me Happy... wait a minute, I just said that. Oh well....

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Buddhist thought of the day:

"To gain that worth having, it may be necessary to lose everything else. - Bernadette Devlin"

Interesting, no?


Remember my "Mmm" post on September 22, 2006?

that same wierdo was ta the coffee shop again today and he started telling me
how pretty I was. Then this is the conversation that took place:

"Everytime I see you I cry"

"Thank you, but why?"

Wierdo: " You
are not even 22 yet"

Me: "and
that makes you cry?"

"No, its just that someone like you will never go out with an old fart such as
"Chances are, you are right"


Sunday, October 15, 2006


You kno w taht yoiu have lived in Montgreal far too long when you Actualy enjoy the smell of burning herbs....


Saturday, October 14, 2006

Poor little chick...

So true...

I was going through my archives and I find this picture. Now I am not sure when it was taken exactly, but I am pretty sure it is from Sky News, a US news network. So, here it is:

He he he heeeee

My friend, who is from Palestinian origins but can
barely speak the language, was saying proudly that she should have been in
Lebanon in the 70s before the civil war. She stands there and explains herself.
Her explanation:

" I would have been giving weapons and stuff for the

Ahem, sorry dear, but I am Prettttttty sure it is


Friday, October 13, 2006

Words of wisdom...

Be afraid, America. Be very

By Bradley

Note: This article will be followed by an experiment. In an
effort to foster rational dialogue, Talkback responses to this piece will be
subject to stringent new guidelines, as specified below.

We have met the enemy, and, all too often, he looks
like us.

The United States has spent
breathtaking sums since September 11 to assure that people who look like
Mohammed Atta don't walk onto airplanes, take thousands of innocent lives, and
destroy embodiments of the nation's majesty.But what if the terrorist you're
looking for is not an Arab, not a Muslim, not swarthy and foreign-born and, yes,
alien?What if he looks and acts the way Americans used to believe that real
Americans were supposed to look: cool, quiet, Christian and, yes, white?What if
he's the guy from the Norman Rockwell calendar, the knowing veteran at the
hardware store, the serious, courteous, diffident rock on which the All-American
empire was built?After the vast resources sinkholed into Homeland Security, what

if the most immediate, the most likely, the most realistic terrorist threat to
America, is the white male who votes Bush, goes to church, mows and edges his
lawn, and one clear morning gathers his firearms and ammunition and walks into a

We don't want to think about him. We prefer our terrorists wild-eyed and
fanatic, turbaned and howling, bearded and masked and glaring and gowned.We
don't want to think about profiling Charles Whitman. We don't want to think that
the gifted student, the accomplished pianist, the Eagle Scout who grows to
become the Marine who wins the Good Conduct medal, married to his hardworking,
supportive sweetheart, will one day climb a clock tower, shoot 14 passersby to
death, and wound dozens more.We have privacy issues, we Americans do.We respect
the privacy of our neighbors. So much so that we may live next to them for 20
years and know them not at all.We respect the privacy of the quiet, the
keep-to-himself kind of guy. Maybe a little scary. But that's his business, not
ours.Until he walks into a school. Until he trains his handgun, his assault
rifle, his shotgun, his deer rifle, on girls in the school, authority figures in
the school, anyone who gets in his way.Or until he walks into the workplace,
opening fire on colleagues or former colleagues, bosses or former bosses. Anyone
who gets in his way.Be afraid, America. Be very afraid. And hire guards. Place
them at the entrances to your schools. Keep that guy out. I'm not talking
Mohammed Atta. I'm talking that guy who looks like you're supposed to look, if
you live in America.Keep him out. It's a gun-happy country. There must be a few
weapons left over to bar his entry. If the guard sees he has a gun, the guard
should be trained and ready to drop him before he drops a single child. Keep him
out, America. You'll never forgive yourself if you don't.


I'm tired...

I just sentenced someone to academic death. I had a say in it. I fought for him but I could not stop it. I sat there and heard the verdict. I sat there knowing that although he is an idiot, expulsion is too drastic. I sat there, and then I left... and I knew that i will never be the same again...

Thursday, October 12, 2006


This pretty much reflects what Arabic music has come to nowadays.



Wednesday, October 11, 2006

A ray of light in a storm...

This made me forget my hatred for Concordia for a few seconds, when I
remembered it again. Well, just visualizing bureaucrats being terrorized by
monkeys... hehehehe. Top secret documents flying around and stuff... too goo to
be true, but thank God, it is.

Delhi monkeys face forest future
By Sanjoy Majumder BBC
News, Delhi

India's Supreme Court has ordered 300 monkeys captured from the
streets of
Delhi to be transferred to forests in the central state of Madhya
Thousands of monkeys roam the capital, mostly around government
offices, and
are considered a public nuisance.
They have terrorised
bureaucrats and in
one instance even ripped up top secret defence documents.
But the monkeys
are viewed as sacred by India's Hindus, who often feed
them, encouraging them to
Snatching food
Delhi's large
population of stray monkeys has
been a long-standing problem.
They are
also a public menace in many
residential neighbourhoods, where they snatch
food from unsuspecting people,
including children.
The fact that most
Hindus view the monkeys as sacred has
made it even harder for the
authorities to get rid of the animals.
Now the
Supreme Court has ordered
that some 300 monkeys captured by animal handlers be
freed in the forests of
central India as part of an effort to rehabilitate them.
But already there
are some who are opposing the move, saying the monkeys may
find it difficult
to adjust to life in the wild after having been raised in an

Story from

Published: 2006/10/11 15:23:58 GMT© BBC

Hate Hate Hate Hate Hate hate Hate Hate HAAAAAAATTTEEEEE!!!

I just wrote a whole blog about why i hate Concordia so much, and blogger deleted it while I was still in the process of editing it. That made my day- NOT!

Anyways, to make a whole story short, all you have to know is that I hate Concordia so much, I can't wait to get my diploma and get the hell away from it.



This is the new "little Mr.________" cartoons:

I just took a " Leader test" and this is my result:

you could find the test on www.similarminds.com

Interesting meeting...

Well, today I met up with this guy from
my village in Palestine, whome I found and emailed thru palestieremembered.com. It was
so wierd and cool at the same time. Wierd because there I was, sitting with
someone who was nothing but a screen name a few days ago. Also, wierd because
even though either one of us have never been to Palestine, let alone 'Alma, here
we are meeting and having coffee in Montreal. It was cool because this guy is
from the same tiny piece of land that I am from yo! It is also cool because as
we talked more, we realized that there is a huge chance that we could be related
to one another! Actually, this is both cool and wierd at the same time.
It always strikes me as odd how connected
we still are to a land that we have never seen for generations. Wow, I guess the
love for a land is not learne, it is passed on from fathers and mothers to their
sons and daughters. The need to belong is nagging at all of us. We all feel
incomplete, like osmething is missing from us, we just do not know what it is.
Well, we do know what it is, it is our homeland. Actually, this reminds me
of an old song I love, it is "River of Dreams" by Billy Joel. I
especially love the following part:
"I'm a searcher for something
Taken out of my soul
Something i'd never lose
Something somebody stole"


Today's' summary:

- 7 espresso shots
- 3 fruit
- 1 salad and grilled chicken (yummy)
- 0 H2O
- Cereal and
- More espresso shots

Summary of the above summary:

think I might be addicted to coffee seeing as it does absolutely nothing
my system. I'm still as brain dead and tired as I was when I first got up
this morning.

I also think I should try to drink more water... I do not want to end up
dehydrated and in hospital any time soon. Maybe tomorrow?

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Hee hee heeee

I just got this via e-mail. It is hilarious!!

English translation:

"George Bush is an Ass and this American standing next to me doesn't
understand anything written on this cardboard. GO Iraq GO."

Jelly or toxic wastes?

You know something is wrong in the world when Jelly is mistaken for "toxic wastes" and the bomb squad is called in. Check it out on:


Well, at least we know that after they "cleared" it, they left it there and asked someone else to clean it....

Ma badddiiiii... =(

Well, this is what I call an annoyingly unlucky stroke of luck. Remember the ice cream I wanted here in Montreal? Well, I wanted one in Toronto, and surprise surprise, the shops either did not carry it or they had it but in yogurt ice cream.

Seriously speaking, I think this ice cream will be the end of me if I ever eat it. Maybe I'll get food poisoning or something... I'll steer clear from it from now on...

Monday, October 9, 2006


I finallllly had Red Lobster. For those of you who do not know what Lobster is, it is a seafood restaurant that is famous for, well what else?, Lobster. I also had shrimp and crab though...

This is what remained of the crab I ate, it was delicious!

Great Weekend!

I went to Toronto this weekend to visit some family, relax and unwind. I also needed to see it one last time, you know, say goodbye and what not. Anyways, I must say, it was the greatest weekend so far. The weather was beautiful, scenery breathtaking and the company was great. Here are a few pictures I took of lovely Toronto...

This is taken from the CN tower.

A piece of Heaven on Earth, the Niagra Falls

Friday, October 6, 2006

Happy Birthday "C"!!!

It is officially the 6th of October, meaning that a
really good friend of mine just turned 24. I will not be able to personally wish
her a great birthday as she is not here, and even if she were, I am travelling
tomorrow. Therefore, I will pass on my greetings here for now, and call her
later one tomorrow.

My dear friend,

May you have a great birthday. May this upcoming year
make you wiser and more mature, but never take away from you the uniqueness that
defines you. May it pave the way to your dreams and away from all your sorrows.
In short, may it be a wonderful year!!!

Bottoms up, cheeeers!!!

My therapy...

One of my friends said that my new-found tech-love is geeky. I think it is therapeutic. This blog gives me a place to vent and to share my thoughts and feelings with someone? anyone? no one? it doesn't matter really. it is good enough for me that it provides me with an outlet. Safe and anonymous, this place is THE place to vent and put down thoughts into words.

Thursday, October 5, 2006

My homeland

I visit www.Palestineremembered.com on a fairly regular basis and now, they have a new feature! They use google maps to locate and map out villages in Palestine that were taken in 1948 onwards. It is amazing. I have never been to my village and yet, thanks to them and to google, I can at least have a rough idea of where its exact location is. I did see it through binoculars once though. We went to a village in the South of Lebanon called Maroun El Ras and there it was, what was supposed to be my house.... it is now a settlement that carries the same name. All of its original inhabitants had to leave in 1948, or die.... however, doesn't a persons' heart dies when it knows that it is moving away from its roots? Maybe the choice was die or die, the difference being either die inside and struggle with it, or physically die and never see it.

Montreal Activists..

One thing I will miss the most about Montreal is the freedom of speech it provides. I will miss how driven people are here and how connected to their cause they are, no matter what it is. I will miss walking down the streets of downtown Montreal and seeing them plastered with various photos of various events. What I will miss most though is posters made by SPHR (http://www.sphr.org/) popping up where I least expect them to and with notes such as that(look at pic) inscribed all over them. Freedom of speech, a curse to many, a blessing to a few....

This is a photo of one of their posters. Granted it is ripped in half and everything, yet you can still see the effort put into it. You can see the effort put into spreading the word, and into stopping the word... Although I am against using paper unwisely- yes, I am for recycling and stuff-, I make exceptions for anyone trying to spread awareness of my cause, of my problem, of my "Nakba". After all, at the end of the day, paper is ripped down and trees would have been wasted, but the word would have been spread.

Simple yet grand...

I love this poster. It is so simple and straight to the point. So sad in its honesty. So strong with its statement. In short, it is amaaazing...
I also do not know who to credit for this poster, if anyone finds out, please inform me so that i could link it properly...


I just love this.. never fails to put a smile on my face...
I appologize but I can not give credit to anyone as I found this in my archives and I believe that I found it over google...


Im in a class and I just realized that my Professor is wearing a dirty shirt. Not one that just had an accident, actually dirty from before. UNWASHED!!!


Wednesday, October 4, 2006

Stupid Fire Drills

I HATE fire drills. I was in class, and the alarm went off,
so naturally, we had to evacuate the building. Of course, being on the 9th
floor, that is easier said than done. The fire escape was CRAMMED with people.
We just stood there, on the 7th floor for 10 minutes, then again on the 6th,
5th, 4th and 2nd floors.
As though that was not enough, once we hit the ground floor,
we could not get out of the building because people were busy "socializing" and
"conversing" with one another. WTF?
Also, on the way down, you could hear security trying to say
something over the loudspeaker, but there were two problems:
1) He was speaking in French
2) He was mumbling in a low voice.
So either way, 60% of the people could not get what he way
Yes, I feel safe... very safe. Maybe next time I'll run up
instead of down and the jump down, at least I won't fry to death!


In case I am not confused enough as it is, this is what my "Buddhist Thought of the Day" said:

I am he as you are he as you are me and we are all together.
-The Beatles


Someone please clarify?

Great Movies

I just came back from watching "All the King's Men". Great
movie. I must admit, however, that the beginning was a little slow and I was
bored to death. Half an hour later, I was hooked. The director did a great job,
the shots were amazing. The story was amazing. The acting was amazing. The
ending? AMAAAAZING! I highly recommend it for everyone, especially those
Political Scientists such as myself. It had this honesty to it that was
just..... honest?! Amazing.... simply, amaaaaazing.

Another great movie is Jet Li's "Fearless". It's up there with "crouching
Tiger, Hidden Dragon" and "Hero". It is a masterpiece. Everything about it left
me dumbstruck. Wow! If it is really his last movie, then I must say, he went out
with a bang.

"The Last Kiss" was not so bad either. It was a movie reflecting reality.
It was as realistic as they get. However, it left me feeling a little down in
the sense that it scared me. What if life were truly the way they pictured it?
What if that happens to me? I mean, what happens after I realize i have
accomplished everything I have ever dreamt of? Well, i do not want to go on
about my confusion, I will just say, good movie, good acting, good story.. must

Next on my to watch list is:
1) Marie Antoinette
2) Babel
3) Find Me Guilty
4) Borat
5) Deja Vu
6) Spider man 3
7) Transformers
8) Rush hour 3
9) Infamous

Well, yes, I AM a movie freak! I live right next to a movie theater for God's sake! What did you expect?!!!!! Plus, it is the only "me" time I get without anyone interrupting...

Tuesday, October 3, 2006

Who, me?!!!

One of my friends just called me "Bitchy and Vindictive"....

Moi?? L'il angelic me?!!!!!!!!!

Oh well, it could be worse, I could be called "needy and whiny", or "sticky and annoying" or... well, you get the idea. So maybe "bitchy and vindictive" is not so bad after all....

P.s. it is the same person that referred to me as their "wealth" a few weeks back...

Self-help books.

I have to read this self-help book for one of my classes. It is called "The Four Agreements" by Don Miguel Ruiz. It is a very entertaining book if nothing else. Anyways, the reason I mentioned it is not to give it a review. It is to do what it told me to do, and that is to write a sentence down to remind myself of the "second agreement". so here goes nothing:

" Don't take anything personally".

There! I did it! I wrote it down. I thought about it and I came to my conclusion, of course some things are personal, SOMETHING has to be about me!!!!!

hahahahahahahaha, my narcissistic, over-inflated ego has to be fed!

Monday, October 2, 2006


The following is an actual article on http://www.wikihow.com/: My comments to it are in brackets...

The female Scorpio is one of the most powerful signs of the
Zodiac according to the influence of planet positioning and other astrological

Look into a female Scorpio's eyes
when you speak your feelings, intentions or simply have a conversation with her.
Scorpio females will have a piercing look and her eyes will be one of her most
attractive features.
Give the Scorpio female lots of sex and make her
experience extraordinary. Sexual experiences must include orgasmic explosions as
well as intense moments of passionate caressing and kissing. Female born under
this sign will most likely be sexually oriented, have a fierce sex appeal, and
appetite on a daily basis. (nothing is wrong with this piece of advise...)
Surprise the female Scorpio when least expected
with an expensive gift, preferably gold or diamonds. Give it to her during a
moment of romantic intimacy. (So that she feels like a prostitute. yeeee-aaaah, right!)
Plan, confirm, and affirm your future with this
potent sign. She loves to know that you care, have, hold and protect her. ( so that she could have plenty of time to run in the OTHER direction)
Say something sweet and positive to this very emotional sign and she will
love you for it. Female Scorpios love compliments when they are at their best
and even when they are not. (well, who doesn't love compliments, seriously!!!)
Show your female Scorpio you possess the
qualities they are attracted to by your actions. Scorpio females like:
discipline, order, cleanliness, dedication, enthusiasm and confidence. ( no OCD's though..)
Material things can and cannot matter to this sign. While they include money
and power, they also evolve around genuine love, emotion, romanticism, honesty,
passion, fidelity, friendship, devotion and last but not least sexual intensity. ( I prefer the money and power though)

You will recognize the Scorpio female by her
piercing eyes, her skin will tend to be silky or shiny, her body will be lean
and shapely and she will have a vibrant energy and presence when she enters a

Warnings ( I love how there is a warning at the end)
Not all female Scorpios may
exhibit all of these specifics together, but if you happen to fall on one that
does, hold on and do not let go...she is special.
Be careful because Scorpio
females can sting you if you offend them.

Yaaaaay Me

I finally had my yummmmmmy ice-cream today.

My friends' lame-ass joke...

My friend tried to tell me a joke today, this is how it went:
B: someone called you
Me: who?
B: the president
Me: what?
B: Bush, he wants his laptop back
Me: what?
B: this is a joke
Me: it is a lame-ass joke!!! Did you hear it on the Simsons or something?
B: No... i made it up
Me: hmmmmmmmmmm...

My guilty pleasure...

Ok, I confess. I am such a die-hard Grey's Anatomy fan, it is soooo sad. I seriously can never wait for the next episode to air, so I just settle for watching every previous episode in the meantime. How sad is that? It is just that, in a weird and twisted way, I could relate to most of the characters. Take Meredith for instance, on my "down" days, I am just as twisted. Christina? Mmm, I can be as blunt and bitchy as she is, and that is on any of my days. As for Izzie, well... umm... I have my nice days?! = ) Well, don't judge me, I know we all have our own little pleasures, at least mine happens to be a really popular, really good and extremely entertaining show!!!

Check it out for yourself:

Sunday, October 1, 2006

Last day of September...

Today is the last dy of September. It was officially my last September in Montreal. It was a perfectly beautiful day, I must admit. The weather was great, it was niether too cold nor too warm, it was sunny and the skies were clear. Simply put, it was the perfect fall day so far...