Monday, October 2, 2006

My guilty pleasure...

Ok, I confess. I am such a die-hard Grey's Anatomy fan, it is soooo sad. I seriously can never wait for the next episode to air, so I just settle for watching every previous episode in the meantime. How sad is that? It is just that, in a weird and twisted way, I could relate to most of the characters. Take Meredith for instance, on my "down" days, I am just as twisted. Christina? Mmm, I can be as blunt and bitchy as she is, and that is on any of my days. As for Izzie, well... umm... I have my nice days?! = ) Well, don't judge me, I know we all have our own little pleasures, at least mine happens to be a really popular, really good and extremely entertaining show!!!

Check it out for yourself:

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