Tuesday, December 14, 2010

On Crankiness

Thanks to jet lag, this is exactly how I am feeling nowadays. I am so cranky, it is driving me insane. I'm fine until I suddenly crash. That's jet lag I suppose, you just have to wait till you are over it.

Being back is bittersweet. When I am here, I want to be there, when I 'm there, I want to be here. It is a vicious cycle and there really is no solution. I wasn't supposed to be back so soon, but one day I was up late at night and it occurred to me that it was time to move on. It wasn't an emotionally overbearing thought, just this gut feeling that made me realize that I was ready, and I was. So I called up my travel agent at 3am and changed my ticket. It was hard breaking the news to others, but I had to do whats best for me at the end of the day. 

It is good to be back though, I didn't realize how attached to the luxury this part of the world offers until I left it all behind for a couple months. Sure, it has its down-sides, and many many of those, but when it comes to the big picture it is still a pretty one.

I have so many more shattered and fragmented thoughts, I am too tired to share though. Maybe soon!


Friday, December 10, 2010

On google

I was bored, so I went on Google.com and decided to google myself. The Internet is truly one freaky place.

A. I found that this website called spoke.com or something has a profile of me, and they have me down as currently working for the first company that ever hires me. I never even hear of this site, yet there I am.

B. I found pictures of my messy apartment back when I used to have my OWN apartment in a city far, far away. I had forgotten that I entered a messy house contest on a blog, and I never imagined they would end up on google. Honestly, I never imagined they will appear on the blog itself. I never checked back till I found the pics now. Needless to say, I lost that contest, and thank God for that. Some houses are scary messy.
The blog in question is www.andfaraway.net
The pictures in question? you have to figure that out for yourselves

What's frustrating though is that, when you are looking for something in specific on google, it can fail you. I guess some things are better left unseen and ungoogle-able.

Monday, December 6, 2010


Some inspiring quotes to remember and turn to in times of need:

Randomly picked up from the net.