Wednesday, October 4, 2006

Stupid Fire Drills

I HATE fire drills. I was in class, and the alarm went off,
so naturally, we had to evacuate the building. Of course, being on the 9th
floor, that is easier said than done. The fire escape was CRAMMED with people.
We just stood there, on the 7th floor for 10 minutes, then again on the 6th,
5th, 4th and 2nd floors.
As though that was not enough, once we hit the ground floor,
we could not get out of the building because people were busy "socializing" and
"conversing" with one another. WTF?
Also, on the way down, you could hear security trying to say
something over the loudspeaker, but there were two problems:
1) He was speaking in French
2) He was mumbling in a low voice.
So either way, 60% of the people could not get what he way
Yes, I feel safe... very safe. Maybe next time I'll run up
instead of down and the jump down, at least I won't fry to death!

1 comment:

  1. geezzz i really guess everyone would die burnnningggg... so unorginized and ppl so unconcerned about it... if it was real life would be worst... then i would totally suggest what u proposed in the end: run upstairs and then jump!