Monday, October 2, 2006


The following is an actual article on My comments to it are in brackets...

The female Scorpio is one of the most powerful signs of the
Zodiac according to the influence of planet positioning and other astrological

Look into a female Scorpio's eyes
when you speak your feelings, intentions or simply have a conversation with her.
Scorpio females will have a piercing look and her eyes will be one of her most
attractive features.
Give the Scorpio female lots of sex and make her
experience extraordinary. Sexual experiences must include orgasmic explosions as
well as intense moments of passionate caressing and kissing. Female born under
this sign will most likely be sexually oriented, have a fierce sex appeal, and
appetite on a daily basis. (nothing is wrong with this piece of advise...)
Surprise the female Scorpio when least expected
with an expensive gift, preferably gold or diamonds. Give it to her during a
moment of romantic intimacy. (So that she feels like a prostitute. yeeee-aaaah, right!)
Plan, confirm, and affirm your future with this
potent sign. She loves to know that you care, have, hold and protect her. ( so that she could have plenty of time to run in the OTHER direction)
Say something sweet and positive to this very emotional sign and she will
love you for it. Female Scorpios love compliments when they are at their best
and even when they are not. (well, who doesn't love compliments, seriously!!!)
Show your female Scorpio you possess the
qualities they are attracted to by your actions. Scorpio females like:
discipline, order, cleanliness, dedication, enthusiasm and confidence. ( no OCD's though..)
Material things can and cannot matter to this sign. While they include money
and power, they also evolve around genuine love, emotion, romanticism, honesty,
passion, fidelity, friendship, devotion and last but not least sexual intensity. ( I prefer the money and power though)

You will recognize the Scorpio female by her
piercing eyes, her skin will tend to be silky or shiny, her body will be lean
and shapely and she will have a vibrant energy and presence when she enters a

Warnings ( I love how there is a warning at the end)
Not all female Scorpios may
exhibit all of these specifics together, but if you happen to fall on one that
does, hold on and do not let go...she is special.
Be careful because Scorpio
females can sting you if you offend them.

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