Wednesday, October 4, 2006

Great Movies

I just came back from watching "All the King's Men". Great
movie. I must admit, however, that the beginning was a little slow and I was
bored to death. Half an hour later, I was hooked. The director did a great job,
the shots were amazing. The story was amazing. The acting was amazing. The
ending? AMAAAAZING! I highly recommend it for everyone, especially those
Political Scientists such as myself. It had this honesty to it that was
just..... honest?! Amazing.... simply, amaaaaazing.

Another great movie is Jet Li's "Fearless". It's up there with "crouching
Tiger, Hidden Dragon" and "Hero". It is a masterpiece. Everything about it left
me dumbstruck. Wow! If it is really his last movie, then I must say, he went out
with a bang.

"The Last Kiss" was not so bad either. It was a movie reflecting reality.
It was as realistic as they get. However, it left me feeling a little down in
the sense that it scared me. What if life were truly the way they pictured it?
What if that happens to me? I mean, what happens after I realize i have
accomplished everything I have ever dreamt of? Well, i do not want to go on
about my confusion, I will just say, good movie, good acting, good story.. must

Next on my to watch list is:
1) Marie Antoinette
2) Babel
3) Find Me Guilty
4) Borat
5) Deja Vu
6) Spider man 3
7) Transformers
8) Rush hour 3
9) Infamous

Well, yes, I AM a movie freak! I live right next to a movie theater for God's sake! What did you expect?!!!!! Plus, it is the only "me" time I get without anyone interrupting...

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