Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Interesting meeting...

Well, today I met up with this guy from
my village in Palestine, whome I found and emailed thru It was
so wierd and cool at the same time. Wierd because there I was, sitting with
someone who was nothing but a screen name a few days ago. Also, wierd because
even though either one of us have never been to Palestine, let alone 'Alma, here
we are meeting and having coffee in Montreal. It was cool because this guy is
from the same tiny piece of land that I am from yo! It is also cool because as
we talked more, we realized that there is a huge chance that we could be related
to one another! Actually, this is both cool and wierd at the same time.
It always strikes me as odd how connected
we still are to a land that we have never seen for generations. Wow, I guess the
love for a land is not learne, it is passed on from fathers and mothers to their
sons and daughters. The need to belong is nagging at all of us. We all feel
incomplete, like osmething is missing from us, we just do not know what it is.
Well, we do know what it is, it is our homeland. Actually, this reminds me
of an old song I love, it is "River of Dreams" by Billy Joel. I
especially love the following part:
"I'm a searcher for something
Taken out of my soul
Something i'd never lose
Something somebody stole"

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