Saturday, October 28, 2006

The clouds are parting...

Wow, October is almost over and November is knocking hard on
the door. So far, although i have had many more downs than ups, I must admit, I
am enjoying my last few months here. I am always surrounded by great people and
friends and i think that that is what counts in the long run. I am partying like
I have never partied before -seriously, I never party!- and just enjoying my

I think it is finally sinking in and i am finally
potentially accepting it. I am leaving and that is that. Someone advised me to
not fret over it. That person told me to go back, put my bags down, settle down
and then let life unravel. He said that life will go on, and I believe him.

Actually, today is the first in a long time were
i wake up thinking that today is a good day. Who knows, it might just

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