Thursday, October 5, 2006

Montreal Activists..

One thing I will miss the most about Montreal is the freedom of speech it provides. I will miss how driven people are here and how connected to their cause they are, no matter what it is. I will miss walking down the streets of downtown Montreal and seeing them plastered with various photos of various events. What I will miss most though is posters made by SPHR ( popping up where I least expect them to and with notes such as that(look at pic) inscribed all over them. Freedom of speech, a curse to many, a blessing to a few....

This is a photo of one of their posters. Granted it is ripped in half and everything, yet you can still see the effort put into it. You can see the effort put into spreading the word, and into stopping the word... Although I am against using paper unwisely- yes, I am for recycling and stuff-, I make exceptions for anyone trying to spread awareness of my cause, of my problem, of my "Nakba". After all, at the end of the day, paper is ripped down and trees would have been wasted, but the word would have been spread.

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