Thursday, October 5, 2006

My homeland

I visit on a fairly regular basis and now, they have a new feature! They use google maps to locate and map out villages in Palestine that were taken in 1948 onwards. It is amazing. I have never been to my village and yet, thanks to them and to google, I can at least have a rough idea of where its exact location is. I did see it through binoculars once though. We went to a village in the South of Lebanon called Maroun El Ras and there it was, what was supposed to be my house.... it is now a settlement that carries the same name. All of its original inhabitants had to leave in 1948, or die.... however, doesn't a persons' heart dies when it knows that it is moving away from its roots? Maybe the choice was die or die, the difference being either die inside and struggle with it, or physically die and never see it.

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