Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Reflection of the year gone by...

A long lost post from some 3 years ago... interesting to note that it still hold true today:

It is past midnight here, making it officially the day before my
birthday. Since i might not have enough time to say good-bye to this year as
the day unfolds, I decided to do this now.

So, this year was a good year overall. These are the things I learnt during the year, not in any specific order:

* You could fall in love with a helpless, little blob of meat.
All it has to do is grab your finger, hold on tight and smile -I'm talking about
both my nephews

*Friends come and go in life, and the true jewels are the ones that stay.

* It takes a lot of work to make friends with
people, it takes just as much work to lose them.

* People change, but that does not mean that things have to change.

* You should try everything in life at least once- as long as you want to try
them, no pressures, no nothing.

* You should trust in God that there is a plan for you, and
that he has not forsaken you.

* You should trust that your parents will
always be
there for you, especially when you least expect them to.

could love some people so much, yet not like them sometimes, and that is

* It is alright if you like someone that does not
necessarily like you
back the same way.

* When you are
down, the world will not stand still
and wait until you are alright to go
on. It will leave you were you are and go
on without you.

* Sometimes the people you are closest to are those
furthest away from you by distance, but not by spirit.

There is
something larger than any of us out there, and we should believe in
that power

* We should let those we care about know how
much they mean to us as we
do not know when we will see them for the last

* Time flies. It is
scary, but it does. You should
use time wisely, invest in something good and not
look back on time wasted
and regret it. Just learn from what happened and move

* That the greatest of evils is nothing other than 1) not
2) not believing 3) not forgiving oneself and finally, 4) not

* That I am growing up- fast- and there is
nothing I could do about it.

* Sometimes, you could be
surrounded by tens of friends, but you realize
that you have never felt
lonelier in your life.

* Sometimes, all you want
to do is
run away from it all.... that feeling is OK.

* That no
how much I just want to give up, I must fight back.

* Freedom and trust
are earned, never given voluntarily,
but always taken away viciously.

It is alright to be
selfish every once in a while. In the end, you have to take
care of you.

* Life will go on, no matter how hard you try to stop it
and work against it.

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