Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Rambling from the land of the sand...

Well, this is my first post from the land of the sand. I landed a few days ago, and I must say, so far so good. It is weird being here, and what is weirder is the fact that this time, I am not leaving to go back. Every time that thought hits me, it scares me. So what next? Well, I think I have some growing up to do. I have been doing nothing but spoiling myself since I got here. I went to the spa for some much needed pampering. The massage has to wait though, it will be the reward of withstanding pain next week -girls, you know what I am talking about. The weather is lovely... I feel light when we go out.. what? no jacket?!!!

I miss everyone back there... I miss being able to wake up at 3 am, or not sleep whichever, and be able to call someone. I also miss someone calling me at that time. I get bored this time of night... it is a very lonely time. Thank God for blogger, right?! It is 4:40 am here, making it the day I should have left initially.

My thoughts are all jumbled, I do not know what I want to blog about exactly. Should I write about missing my friends? The M&M's that I will probably never enjoy eating again? Missing my bed and apartment? Missing "the Office"?

Naaaah... I think those are all given. I might as well just stop rambling now and blog again when I have a proper thought to discuss... I feel my thoughts are all over the place.

Miss you all so very much... You will always be in my heart.


  1. The city feels different without you I hear, I will soon find out this weekend. We miss you so much as well and you will always be in our hearts, there is no doubt about that!

    But, we WILL see you someday soon! Insha'Allah! :)
    Love you girl!

  2. girl i miss u too a lot!!
    i envy u for being in a warm place right now.... it is freaking cold... really cold!!
    and listen u might not come come back to live here but u will surely come back!
    luv ya