Thursday, February 1, 2007

What do you do...

... when the bubble you have created around you, the one so exclusive and so private, is popped and reality begins to creep in?

... when you miss someone so much, you just can not get them off your mind?

... when you realize that this is all there is, and there is nothing you could do about it?

... when you realize there is no escape from it all afterall?


  1. there is nothing to do but to patiently wait for the darkness to takes us over... fortunately it eventually goes away... or is it me who got used to live with it?

  2. I tell you what you do, you put your chin up and you start telling yourself that things are always moving towards a better direction in life. If you have the conviction that things will get better, and things always happen for a reason, then you will never feel down.

    Think back to every time you thought it was the end of the world. Suddenly you can't remember that many incidents were things were that bad.

    Besides, change is always difficult. You just need to learn to embrace it positively.

    It may sound like lame advise.. I may have lost you at the second parag. But, come back in a month's time, and let's see how you feel...