Sunday, January 21, 2007

On not being able to sleep and other random sh*t...

It is past 6 am and I still can't sleep......

Actually, I feel like I can't do so many things anymore... I am seriously drained. I no longer have the energy.



One side will make you larger; the other side will make you smaller.
- Lewis Carrol

So true...


Scorpio today:

"If you have been overly stressed recently by trying to resolve the conflict between your head and your heart, now the tensions will finally begin to dissipate. Oddly enough, no concrete action on your part is required. Something subtle is shifting on its own, giving you a glimpse of the smoother sailing ahead."

Basically, give in and go with the flow? Screw the flow, I say. Plus, I gave up and gave in a looong time ago. Not worth fighting for or against anything and everything anymore. Go with the flow it is then, I suppose. Time to seriously stop fighting the strong winds and tides and allow them to carry me wherever they please...


C will arrive tomorrow... can't wait... I miss her. Then I will have one more person i will have to say goodbye to.

Double crap.

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