Saturday, January 20, 2007

Bits and pieces of random conversations

* An earlier MSN conversation with my friend C:

"H€åv€n£¥ Thïng΀ -> OMG 1 more day... says:
yes i did... y do we always want things to last forever?

Me: Ay-ya-ya-yaaaaaay says:
because it is easier to hold on to what you already are accustomed to"

* A conversation with my friend Rosie:
" Her: did you pack?

Me: not yet, it's haaaaaaaaaaaaaaard!!! No one is understanding that!!!

Her: hahahahah

Me: Rosie, it is not funnnnny!!! It is depressing!

Rosie: I'm coughing, I am coughing!!

Me: Oh... ok then!"

* A conversation with Dad:

"Me: Daddy! my house is sooo messy, sooo dirty! Don't tell mama, but it is a dump.

Dad: well, your house is a mess even when you spend hours cleaning it... I can just imagine what it looks like now...

Me: Hmmm = ( "

* A conversation with Mar:

Me: Something is wrong with this week...

Him: Why?

Me: Most of my friends are depressed, I don't know why!

Him: Because you are leaving next week"


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