Monday, January 22, 2007

On being rejected... twice!

Even British Airways is rejecting me!!!!! Ok... so maybe it is my second rejection today, but still... I wont talk about the first rejection, only because frankly, I don't have the time or energy for it anymore.

They are going on strike from Jan. 29th till Jan 31st -the day I leave. They say on their website:

"We understand that some of our customers who are due to travel between January 29 and February 16 may wish to change their plans now. As a result, we have, from today, introduced a policy that enables customers to rebook flights for a different date. Customers should call British Airways if they wish to change their travel plans."

Seriously! Like I need to worry about yet ANOTHER thing...

Another thing, what is up with the lady that gabs away while you wait for the agent to pick up? i heard you the first 500 times, chances are, i know what you have to say by heart now, so SHUT UP!

so far, Jan 21st has proved a sucky day... and its only 5:20 pm.

Still no sleep, in case anyone is wondering. Hopefully, me will crash today...

** Update **

I am leaving in 5 days... on the 27th, not on the 31st anymore....

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  1. seriously Ghi.. this has turned out to be a shitty day and a half... it really sucks and BA is a bitch... for the 500th time!

    Don't forget what i told u though... something good has GOT TO BE on it's way..... :)