Tuesday, January 9, 2007

On new beginnings...

So today i woke up to find an e-mail i was not expecting in my inbox. I got an email from the United Nations University International Leadership Institute (UNU-ILI) in Jordan asking me for an interview.

Hold on you might say, me, with the UN? What kind of mix is that, right? Well, let me tell you why i am so ecstatic about this whole thing. To begin with, I have never had a real job, meaning i have ZERO job experiences. So, naturally, I feel like my CV sucks and that no one will ever want to employ me. Therefore, to me, this is a sign from God. It shows that I do have something to offer to a potential employer, that i am on the right track, and that maybe, i will be able to work in something related to all the politics i have been studying so far. The other reason i am so excited is because this is a part of the UN, and although I do not agree with the means used to acquire the ends, this is a great place to start. If I get this, I am set for life. There is not a single organization that would not hire me. Everyone thinks that the UN is God in politics, so it is a great opportunity.

Me happy about this... i have not been this happy for the longest time. I think the last time i was just as happy was the day i got accepted to Concordia over 4 years ago. That is a looooooooooong time of unhappiness...


Today was a good day, chilled with friends and enjoyed their company. I am going to miss them like crazy... but this is life, and life has to go on. Btw, if I have kids, they will only dream of going somewhere this far to study. It is too hard to move here and then harder still to move back. Saying goodbye to people who have influenced the person you have become is the most depressing thing ever. So, i will save them all this heartbreak and keep them somewhere close to home.

Of course, I can always just let them go... leave the nest forever and make sure it is still there for when they do want to fly back of their own accord.


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