Saturday, January 6, 2007

On writers' block...

You know when you make mental notes of a million things you want to discuss later on, but once you sit down to actually write them, you forget them?

Well, this has been happening to me on a frequent basis nowadays. I have become so absent minded it is ridiculous. I keep forgetting to call people, forgetting to show up to appointments etc.... It is scaring me a little, to be honest. I mean, yes, I am and always have been a little forgetful, but not to this extent.


Another thing that is bothering me is my stupid shift key. It keeps rejecting me!!!!!! It refuses to work properly... very upsetting.


I am bored... I already miss my kitchen even though everything is still there, only in boxes. I am going to miss my house so much. Actually, I am going to miss many things. Whenever I think about the time I have left, I get a mini panic attack where I no longer am able to breath. Everything in my chest contracts, my heart stops beating and I can no longer breath. Scary shit...

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