Thursday, January 11, 2007

Remember the ass?

Remember the ass from my posts here and here ? Well, I saw him again today, and AGAIN, he makes a smart ass remark. This is what happened:

I went into the "office" and found one of my friends sitting next to him. Nothing I can do, right? So anyways, I go to sit with my friend, who had to go get some food, and thus, left me there... alllll alone. So the weirdo looks up at me and says "I hate you".
Me: What?
Weirdo: I hate you
Me: Umm... why?
Weirdo: Because you have such a nice smile that has the power to fix anything wrong. You could get away with murder with that smile of yours.
Me: Umm... thanks for the compliment, I think. So who did I just murder?
Weirdo: Oh, it is just a figure of speech (like I did NOT know that!!! ugh!). No worries though, if you ever go to jail, I will send you chicken
Me: What?
Weirdo: Chicken... I'll send you chicken.
Me: Thanks... but uhhh... I wont go to jail, because as you said, thanks to my smile I could get away with murder. Plus, I do not eat chicken
Weirdo starts analyzing why chicken is not good for me, I get bored and say "you could send me fish"
Weirdo smiles, another friend walks in, I ignore him and that is that.

So, my question to the world is the following: WHY do I only attract the weirdos?????

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