Monday, December 12, 2011

On the Palestinian struggle

Palestinians really are resilient people. They were forced out of their homes, had their lands stolen, had to watch others take over their beloved olive trees and tear them to the ground. Those of the diaspora go through their entire lives feeling displaced, like aliens living in far off foreign lands. Those that are in the Occupied Territories fight for their right to exist on a daily, no, an hourly basis.

No, the old did not all die, and the young will never forget, Golda Mier. If you expect Palestinians to "forget" your horrendous and despicable crimes against them and against humanity, then maybe it is high time you forget the holocaust. How does that sound? Delete it from history, turn it into a taboo subject and let us see what becomes of you then. It just baffles me how Israel managed to skew history, how it managed to change so much of it. How did you get away with all of that? How did the Global community allow it? I'll tell you how, they did not want you in their country, so they made you somebody else's problem.

If one would only read history books, from different sources and authors, they would realize that during the holocaust gypsies, handicapped, short, dark-skinned and even Arab people were tortured and killed. Yes, Arabs have had a taste of the holocaust as well. They then welcomed you to their land, shared their bread and salt with you and overnight, Israel was created and nothing was the same ever again.

Earlier this week, Newt Gingrich publicly and without an ounce of decency, claimed that Palestinians were "an invented" people. He claimed that Palestinians are nothing but an extension of the Ottoman Empire. I say? Bull Shit. If that is the case, then we are all "invented" people. Does he actually think that America was there since the beginning of time? What about England? Israel? Lebanon? Saudi Arabia? All countries are relatively new. A Country does not define a nation, a nation is what defines a country. It is the shared set of beliefs, traditions, cultures, psyche, history, language and so much more that make up a nation, which in turn becomes a Country. Palestinians do have their own language and their own culture, Mr. Landau, no matter how much you wish otherwise. They forget that the word Palestine comes from the word Filistines, which is the name of the people that lived there for centuries upon centuries. They forget that Palestinians have a distinct dialect, have a unified culture and heritage. They forget such important details oh so easily.

You ask why Palestinians hate the Israelis so much, you call them terrorists and anti-semetics. However, who is the anti-semite here? Palestinians do not fight Judaism, no matter how hard the media tries to push for that. They fight the occupation. they fight for their right to live in the same country where their ancestors lived. They fight for the right to return. They fight for freedom. They fight for humanity. They. Fight. For. Humanity. Israel kills both Muslims and Christians daily. The USA has waged a war against terror which, at it heart, fights Islam. Who is anti-semetic now?

Yesterday, a 28 year old Palestinian male was murdered in Palestine by Israelis. Why? Good question. he was using a teeny, tiny slingshot.  A slingshot that would not even leave a mark on a tank. A slingshot that will not save him in the face of a gun. A slingshot is what got him murdered. Please do not talk about terrorism, about human rights, about peace until you revise your ways. Israel has so much to answer for, and the USA has to answer to even more as it is its biggest and greatest supporter. Human rights... puh-leeeeeez. These two countries can not even define the words right. Terrorism? These countries keep terrorising others time and again, without any justification or truth. Remember the Qana massacre of Lebanon in 1996 where Israel massacred a whole village filled with women, children and old people... not to mention UN employees. Did they have to answer to that? No. Were they held responsible? No. What about the Jenin massacre of 2002? Israel is still denying that, despite the many  evidence against it. The USA invaded Iraq even though it never found those weapons of mass destruction. So many American lives have been lost in this so-called "war against terror" and for what? Lies and more lies? At least Palestinians do not go invading other people's countries. At least they do not go in there waving a big ass gun and pointing it at your little kids, all the while screaming at them to give them a certain name. They do not rape your women, they do not kill your unborn children. They fight the occupation, not the civilian people. They fight to live, you fight to kill Israel. That is the difference.

Palestinians will fight for their right. One day, the world will wake up and support them. Palestinians have the greatest weapons at their disposal: the truth, and hope of a better future. No one can take that away from them, not even ignorant asses that are dressed up in suits playing politics.

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