Saturday, December 17, 2011

On feeling special

I was skyping with Clau yesterday, asking her for any advice on writing a thesis when she offered to send me the one she wrote to use as a reference point. I welcomed the gesture as truth be told, I have never seen a thesis before.

Anyway, fast forward to just 15 minutes ago, true to her word, Clau sent me her thesis. I started to glance at it when I found her acknowledgement. I started to read it and, you know what? I am SO quoting it!!!!!!

"Berry (of course she used my real name), my friend who may be far away but has never been far from my heart who has always pushed and encouraged me to finish this research." 
 Is that not the sweetest thing ever? I was so caught off guard that I sat there and wept like a blubbering idiot for a few minutes.

Clau, I Heart you!!!!

Oh, and thanks, I feel SO special. You made my day.  =D

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