Friday, December 10, 2010

On google

I was bored, so I went on and decided to google myself. The Internet is truly one freaky place.

A. I found that this website called or something has a profile of me, and they have me down as currently working for the first company that ever hires me. I never even hear of this site, yet there I am.

B. I found pictures of my messy apartment back when I used to have my OWN apartment in a city far, far away. I had forgotten that I entered a messy house contest on a blog, and I never imagined they would end up on google. Honestly, I never imagined they will appear on the blog itself. I never checked back till I found the pics now. Needless to say, I lost that contest, and thank God for that. Some houses are scary messy.
The blog in question is
The pictures in question? you have to figure that out for yourselves

What's frustrating though is that, when you are looking for something in specific on google, it can fail you. I guess some things are better left unseen and ungoogle-able.

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