Friday, July 29, 2011

Time: Frozen

I just came back from a wonderful almost 2-month holiday in Canada. I had a wonderful time visiting my sister and spending time with my niece and my nephew. They have grown up so much since I last saw them in December. The saddest thing about not living in the same country or city as them is that you miss out on a lot of their growing up, and they do grow up fast. It is like their tiny little bodies are supercharged or something.

I also got to spend some time in my favorite city of all-time: Montreal. I spent good times with great company and I will not even complain about the heat wave that passed. Montreal's beauty more than makes up for anything and everything. What can I say, this is true love for me.

Being back here in my own house and my own room is weird. It is just too quiet, too bland. You suddenly and quickly slip back into lazy-mode and life loses that touch of happiness it possessed just a few days ago. Over here, it is a whole new different ball-game that I will not go into right now as I am jet-lagged and just tired. Plus, I've whined about it too many times before already. Now who wants me to just repeat myself- yet again?

All in all, it was great catching up with family and old friends. The best thing was how easy it was to just slip back effortlessly into the life one once led. Meeting people went back to being effortless, almost natural. Meeting up with friends was the best. It was like time stood still for those few months or years, waiting for you to just pick up and continue right where you stopped. There were no awkward silences to be filled, no major catching up to do. Again, it was so effortless. I miss how easy laughter came, good times were had and good company was found.

Anyway, I will spare you the late night walk down memory lane, and instead I shall leave you with some random pictures taken while there.

downtown Montreal

This is what happens when you take pictures after chugging Sangrias all day.

Trapeze show/tryouts during Montreal's Cirque Festival

Old Port

An interesting addition to any bathroom ;)

Another interesting addition. Art found randomly in the streets is probably the best thing about Montreal

The alley where I tried my hand at riding a bike for the first time in 15+ years. It was Epic!

Even at 3:am on a Saturday night, people were still using bicycles to commute

Random guy posing in the picture
Quick, find Bambi!

Too hot to move, even for a lioness

Umm... Excuse me but, you have two baboons on your car... thought you should know.

dirigin dirigin

This was visiting the ladies room and then decided to shake its booty on the wall. VERY interesting sight to behold...

"No comment?!"

This zebra was dying for its 15 min of fame

their tiny tails were going right and left, right and left. So cute!
So these pics are from Montreal, and some from a Safari trip we took in Hamilton. The kids were psyched, and I must admit, so was I :)

Thank you family and friends for a wonderful time and great memories. Love you all mucho mucho.

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  1. hahahhahaha!!! the rhino pic is fantastic!