Monday, November 8, 2010

Chocoholics Anonymous

So, today I accompanied one of my friends to help him run some errands for an event he is organizing. The event is truly a chocoholics dream come true. It will put any person into a chocolate coma, that is a sure thing. It is basically going to be a night dedicated to chocolates. There will be chocolate fountains, chocolate shots, chocolate pudding, chocolate shakes, hot chocolate, frozen chocolate... and did I mention, CHOCOLATE?

The amount of time he is investing in this is incredible. He is willing to make all the chocolate treats from SCRATCH. Is that not amazing?

Anyway, so we went to the store to stock up on some "provisions". We ended up buying most of the store's supply of marshmallow, all of their baking white chocolate bars, their entire chocolate jelly packs, most of their cocoa powder and so much milk that I am still shocked.By so much milk, I mean we bought 25- 4 liter packs. The rest of the quantities, you really don't want to know.

Here are pictures of the shopping, I will post pictures of the event as soon as I take them.

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