Tuesday, October 26, 2010

How many do you know?

I received this by email from a friend. I found 33 historical people that I identified immediately. The rest, looked familiar but i didn't know the names. This will be my new obsession until I find ALL of them.Of course, it also includes some historical places such as The Great Wall of China, Stone Henge, the Pyramids etc. 

How many can you find? 
Hint: some are hiding below the table = D

To help you out, I'll share some of mine, feel free to share yours:
* Abraham Lincoln
* Yasser Arafat
* Gandhi
* Sharon
* Caesar
* Fidel Castro
* Che 
* Beethoven
* Einstein
* Prince Charles
* The Godfather
* Van Gogh
* Queen Victoria
* Shirley Temple
* Mao Tze Dong -unsure of the spelling, don't feel like googling
* Audrey Hepburn
* Charlie Chaplin
* Hitler
* Stalin
* Bill Clinton
* Shakespeare
* Elvis
* Saddam Hussein


  1. bruce lee, mike tyson, michael jordan, pele (brazilian soccer player), moses, yo ming (i think), mother theresa, leonardo da vinci, picasso, one there looks like atila the hun, napoleon, mozart, Indiana jones?, mandela or koffi annan?, maryling moroe,

  2. billgates, hilary, couple mroe from the bible, maybe abraham and cain or paul. not sure. maybe even Mohammed is there

  3. i think i saw paolo coelho!!!! lol

  4. i just realized i can magnify the picture. lol saw bin laden, bush of course, don quixote?,