Monday, February 1, 2010

On the reason behind dreams...

One of the questions that has been asked since the beginning of time is "why do we dream"? My theory? Well, it is as follows:

Our mind, and nervous system as a whole actually, retains so much information during our waking hours that it becomes congested. Some emotions reach our brain cells and we feel their effect quickly, while others, we are just numb and therefore unaware of. When we sleep, we relax. Our mind starts to go through the events of the day, it opens up all those files that we stored away without even realizing it, dusts them off and gets to work. Suddenly, and in our dreams, we feel. Our senses are heightened. The dreams themselves do not always make sense, but that is alright, because it is not what you see that is important. It is what you feel. How you feel before, during and after a specific dream.

Of course, some dreams are based on what we see. Sometimes we miss someone so much, that we meet them in our dream world. We walk with them, converse with them and just have a lovely time with them. Sometimes, dreams can seem more real than reality, sometimes, the hugs, kisses, fights and everything else that takes place in a dream seem more real than life, so that when we wake up, we can no longer distinguish which is which.

Aaaaah, dreams... I guess they are a mean to let out our anger and frustration, our hopes and dreams, our joys and sorrows. Some dreams make us laugh, others make us weep. Some make us lust, others show us that we are content. Bottom line is... dreams make us feel. For that, I am sometimes grateful.

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