Saturday, January 9, 2010

on growing up...

My fantasy has ended and I am back to reality. Gravity did not suck me down this time though, and I was not affected by its strength. This time, I played it according to my rules. I was the queen and the game was mine.

Montreal was awesome, as montreal will always be. The people there are free spirited and strong willed. They are both sweet and gentle, yyet strong and tough at the same time. They truly are amazing.

This time, when I left montreal, I left it on my own terms. I left it knowing that I am at peace with leaving it. The people I care about will always be there, as for the rest... Well, sometimes you need one last encounter to get your closure to feel liberated.

I am both impressed and weirded out by how far I've come within the last 3 years. I didn't know I was capable of any of it. I guess I am emotionally stronger than I give credit to myself for. I also guess my world no longer revolves around the same center. Somewhere down the line, that center shifted and I was too blind to notice, but now I have.

So, welcome back to reality, this time I plan to make the most of it. I had my fun, I went insane and now it is time to set my life ambitions and plans in motion and no longer leave them for another day. Afterall, this is my game and I am queen of the dice.

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  1. you will always be the queen! now it is time for us to get serious 7abibi!
    love ya!