Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Know what's the saying I hate the most? It is the one that goes "life deals everyone different cards, and it's how we play those cards that counts". I hate it, mainly because in a poker game when you are dealt cards, you always have the option to fold and try your luck the next round. However, life doesn't really work that way, now does it? We are stuck with the "cards" we are dealt, and that is the end of it.

Life, to me, is more like the saying "we are all kings and pawns". Sometimes, we are kings, we rule, we decide, we choose, we use, we... well, we are in charge basically. Other times, we are pawns. We are ruled, decisions are made for us, in a nut shell, we are ruled.

The best saying, however, is "Life is a bitch". It is obvious why that is...


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