Saturday, May 30, 2009

Random Things About Me:

I got this idea from E. I don't know how long this list will be... so bear with me =)

1. I've always wanted to learn how to juggle
2. My dream is to one day write a novel
3. If I am passionate about something, I become obsessed.
4. My mind works in mysterious ways. Seriously, I have the weirdest shit going through my head at all times, and I have so much random, useless info stored, it freaks me out sometimes.
5. I really enjoy my time away from people, sometimes a little too much.
6. I have a memory that is worse even than a Goldfish's one
7. I love to sing, and I do not care that a. my voice sucks, and b. i can not carry a tune
8. I used to draw, and I was pretty good at it
9. I've written enough poetry to fill a book, but I never share them with anyone
10. My imagination tends to get a little out of hand very often
11. I laugh in sad, sappy movies. The only movie that ever made me cry is: Saving Private Ryan
12. I may put on a tough exterior, but I'm pretty damn sensitive inside.
13. I am very blunt and straightforward. I also appreciate it when someone is the same with me. I do not like games.
14. I do, however, LOVE board games, card games, video games, ANY game. Sadly, no one would play speed or monopoly with me anymore. Apparently, people do not like to lose
15. I love movies and books. They are my passion. Actually, my other dream is to own a book shop...
16. I am a tech- geek. That is the reason why I do not go to places such as Jumbo electronics, Sharaf DG, Virgin Mega store, Plug Ins, Radio shack, Cell phone shops etc. If I did, I'd own every single new gadget out there.
17. I am more logical than I am emotional when it comes to certain things.
18. I'm insomniac =)
19. Although I am blunt, I hate rude people. Speak your mind if you must, but do so politely
20. I STILL can't eat M&M's regardless of what colour they are.


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