Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Curse of the Silver Phoenix...

My precious little Phoenix broke down today. Phoenix is my car, in case you are wondering. Actually, it did not break down, that would entitle some sort of action. It died. The battery died. All within 12 hours from last driving it. It just stood there, no electricity going through it, except for the weird moving of the seat. No noise when you tried to turn her on... nothing. She could have made a very pretty, but huuuuggeee, paperweight.

And so, there I stood, in the middle of the parking lot, coursing my luck and watching them perform a battery transplant on her. Believe you me, I could have cried then and there if not for the fact that in a twisted, psychotic way, I found it quiet funny. It was funny because, Phoenix is cursed. Ever since I got her from the dealership and something is wrong with her. First it was the bluetooth, then there was the flat tire, then the oil, then the various bumps and bruises she has showing on her super sexy body of metal. Oh, another point to make is the fact that she can not stay clean for over 4 hours. It either rains, a sandstorm blows, is taken to various muddy construction sites or I take her down to Dxb, the land of the dust infestation.

Te upside of all this is, she is well and running now. She is in the best form and shape.
Know what? I think I AM the problem. Think about it:

* My laptops barely survive their 2 year mark
* I've been through 3 ipods in the past 9 months alone
* My cell phones break down ALL the time. They also barely make it through to their one year mark. It's so bad that at one point, I even managed to damage the SIM card. Even my cell phone dealer refuses to sell me any phone unless he is certain that it can survive 6 months min with me.

Now, the truth is, I take care of my things. I know that after knowing the above it is hard to believe, but I do. I am so nice and sweet to my laptop, I never throw my phone around and always keep it in its cover, same with the Ipods. Only conclusion is? I repel technology. Maybe it is some kind of glitch in me that I was born with. Technology and I just do not mix...

Now that I have that off my chest, I must say:

Seriously, poor Phoenix...
= (

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