Sunday, March 16, 2008


Suppose that you had this book... it is an old book... so old that in fact, it looks over-used. You have used it and abused it over the years- as it did you-, and it became a part of your identity, part of what makes you you. Then, one day, you get this brand new book, it is shiny, its cover is appealing to the eye, and it is exciting because, well, who can resist a new book? It takes you on a whole new adventure, challenges you in ways that your old book no longer can....

Now that you have imagined all that, imagine that you only had the option to choose one, which would you choose? The old one you are comfortable with, the one that is responsible for the way you turned out, or the new exciting one??

P.S> this is all hypothetical, no hidden agenda or anything.. just tell me what you think.

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