Monday, March 17, 2008

Memory lane ramblings

Know the saying "Keep the pictures, they wont change; only the people in them will"?

Well, I came across a couple of old photo albums that I forgot even existed. There were some pictures of my grandma, of my cousin, of my uncle... and of course, some old friends and my immediate family. it made me realize just how much life has changed in the past 20-odd years... just how many people we've lost along the way.

It also made me think, when did my parents stop being themselves and just concentrate on being parents? I mean, you see your parents now and you think "this is the way they have always been", but you can't be more wrong. They were individuals with their own thoughts and dreams and then.. well, they got stuck with whining, nagging, screaming, selfish kids...

I sometimes think, I never want kids, but then, one of my biggest fears is that I might be unable to bear children. I mean, having the option is different than having no option, no?

Ok, so I am rambling... but I tend to do that when I freak out... and I am freaked out a little about many things - okay, so I am majorly freaked out-, However, I will not inflict that burden on you today... maybe, perhaps... another day.

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