Wednesday, February 28, 2007

On credit fraud...

I am the victim of fraud! Someone stole my credit card number and info and used it to buy gas from Esso and to pay for parking in Cote Des Neiges! Imagine my surprise when I logged into my account to find that I paid for all these thing, given that:
a) I am not there
b) I don't even have a car
c) I do not know anyone in Cote Des Neiges, so what would I be doing there?

Anyways, I called RBC credit card people, and I must say, I was very impressed with them. They stopped my card directly, treated me like a victim, not someone under suspicion, and even offered to send me my new card ALL the way here.

Me like this service. If only everyone treats everyone else that way...

Oh, btw, point of my post is this: BE CAREFUL with your credit cards. DO NOT use them online, and be careful overall.



  1. oh wow! That's some crazy shit! these fraud people are getting so freakin good... it's really scary! Thanks for the warning.
    Missing you!

  2. damn! tks god u log on to ur account!