Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Lost somewhere...

I'm feeling lonely... Montreal seems like lifetimes away. I feel like it is this part of my life that is still going on without me. I do not know if that makes sense at all. I just feel like I'm no longer there, but I am also not really here... like I am lost in space. I find it hard to believe that this day last month, I left Montreal. Actually, this time last month, I was having breakfast at eggspectations with my friends, counting down the hours, minutes and seconds before I had to say goodbye to a life I loved, a city I adored, and friends I treasured.

So, it has been a month since I last saw my friends, I miss them. All of them. Even the ones that I did not hang out with very often, even the ones I lost touch with... All of them. My life feels so empty right now.

=( =( =(


  1. awwww i miss u too! it seems to me ages u left... i'm so sorry u feel like that!

  2. I miss u too hun... nothing has changed... yet everything has.. hasnt it? but... still.... nothing has changed.... makes sense?