Friday, January 19, 2007

On marriage and stuff...

I spoke to my aunt today, and she was the 100th person to tell me "so, you graduated? Well, 3i2bal il 3arees" (May the husband come next). Like, I studied for four years of my life, and the second that is over, people think they have the right to tell me that.

Let us get a few things straight here... I am not against marriage. However, I am against waiting around for Mr. Right to show up. Secondly, I am still young, i am only 22. having said that, I am not against having a serious relationship with a potential someone. I am done with dating around. I am done with stupidities. If i am with someone, then I am with that person. Plus, I need someone who, after learning about my insecurities, knowing my history, realizing what and where I am going in life, will still be there. He will not judge me on anything, he will not think any less of me. Basically, I need someone to love and respect me just the way I am. I also do not want or need someone in my life whose main mission is to change me, for the better or worst.

Haaaaaaaaaa.....Looks like I need to make a list... here it goes (in no particular order):

1) Love and respect me the way i am. I am loud, crazy most of the time, very sarcastic, sensitive -even though I put on a very tough exterior-, I have the random-est and weirdest thoughts at the oddest times. Oh, and let us not forget my verbal diarrhea problem.. God knows just how much trouble I got myself into... or just how many arguments. I just can not keep my mouth shut. On the brighter side though... when I do open my big mouth, a good argument comes out... not necessarily a good statement or comment though... Meh...

2) accept me with the good, the bad and the ugly. I am friendly and outgoing, but I also have my evil and dark side. I am also insomniac, moody and could go into depression. He has to accept all that and work with me on all of them; not run the other way.

3) understand me. That, I admit, would be a tough one. I do not easily open up to people, I need alone time every once in a while, I am passionate about people, places and things. he has to understand how easily attached I get to people, subjects that fascinate me, places, ideas... etc. He has to bear with me.

4) show me he cares. Obviously... and it doesn't have to be a major love declaration. Just taking 2 minutes out of his hectic day to call me and ask me about me, and actually listen to my answer.
I am easy to satisfy, honestly, just so long as I know it comes from the heart.

5) loves life. He simply has to be active, he has to be adventurous. I am hyperactive at most times, i love to go out sightseeing, discover new places, meet new people. I want to go skydiving, paragliding, flying over the big fan thing - i don't know what it is called-, water skiing... etc. He doesn't have to want to do these things, but he has to want to do other things, and who knows, maybe I will go with him. Point is, he has to be able to do something crazy/weird/spontaneous every once in a while.

6) Charming and charismatic with a good sense of humour. Well... this one is obvious too. Who wants a bore who is a total outcast?!! He has to get along with people, he has to make me proud to be linked to him when he walks into a room!

7) be willing to move to live in the same country as my parents. Yes, I know... I have never mentioned this before, but if I am to start a family, I want my parents around me. So, he has to be what they want... a Palestinian! hahahahahahahahaha, yet another requirement!

8) be comfortable to be with. I have to feel like I can be me around him. no sugar coatings or frosting. Just pure and simple me, with my stupid or ingenious moments. AND he has to embrace them all.

9) trustworthy. I have to be able to trust him with my deepest, darkest secrets, fears and thoughts....

10) patient. i am hard to live with. I have too many walls built around me, and he has to take his time and take them down one at a time.

11) Smart/intelligent... Umm.. who wants a dumb-ass?!

12) Ok, the superficial stuff, because, who isnt? Tall, dark and handsome, kind eyes, glasses, strong hands and a killer smile.

That is it. I do not need wealth or fame. I just need someone I could count on to be there when I need him, as I will be when he ever needs me.

If someone with these characteristics shows up right now, I will not be opposed to him or the idea of marriage... It will have to be a long engagement though, seeing as I am only 22 and need sometime to settle down and figure out where I am headed, as I am sure he will need it too!

So, until I find someone who is interested, and fulfills these criteria... I would rather be single, thank you very much!

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  1. wow... and i thought that i was demanding... girl good for u! Why should we settle? Heck no, thnx!