Tuesday, January 2, 2007

The new year...

Well, it is officially the 2nd of January, making the "New" year not so new anymore. Did the year 2006 teach me anything? Well....

* to be strong
* to lighten up
* to trust people more often
* to take life lightly
* the world is not a fair and just place
* life DOES go on
* not all those we like like us back
* not all those who like us are capable of showing us
* it doesn't matter if you know someone for an hour, or a lifetime, as long as you know the real them, chances are you will become good friends
* at some point, we have to grow up
* Even though I am breaking down from the inside, I have to keep a calm face on the outside.

Things I accomplished:

* I graduated with a Poli Sci major
* I created a blog where i can jot down anything and everything I feel (this one)
* I made sure to tell my friends how much they mean to me as often as I remembered (heheehe)

Things I need to do:

* Get reaquainted with living with the parents again
* Look for a job
* stop digging my grave, stop complicating my life and tying all those strings
* Find and get involved with a Palestinian humanitarian organization.

So, after this list that could go on forever, I STILL am not any wiser.... oh well, maybe 2007 will be a better year.

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