Friday, January 12, 2007

Crash and Burn...

Yesterday was a shocker. Within 20 seconds, everything I have every thought came tumbling down. Thoughts and feelings alike, crumbled into tiny, little, atomic-sized pieces. It was horrible. It was a slap on the face. I felt used and lead on... above all else, I felt that my intelligence has really been abandoning me recently, that mu hunch is always right...I felt like crying to begin with, but then, the logical part of me convinced me that it is no good crying over spilled milk. Life sucks, this is life and life goes on it said. I chose to believe it and tried to sleep.

i woke up this morning not necessarily better than when I fell asleep, but also, not much worse. This is good, at least i am constant... Let us wait and see what this day shall bring me, shall we?

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