Monday, December 18, 2006

My encounter with the Niqab

Ok, so I know being a Muslim girl who was born and raised in the Middle East would probably mean that the following is something that should not have surprised me at all... but it did.

I was waiting for the elevator to go downstairs in my building, it opens, and what do i find inside? A niqabi woman. Like yes, I know, God told us women to wear the hijab, to dress conservatively and so on... but why the niqab?

It finally hit me... if I, as an Arab, a Muslim, a Female can't accept it, how can most of the world? Why do so many woman opt to cover their faces? Their sign of dignity?

Well anyways, I think she sensed all this going through my mind because when she started to get out on my floor, I told her "this is the 3rd"... she gives me the nastiest look and says "you are going down, no?" SO............. I give her a nasty look in return, get into the elevator and close it, without responding to her. Now, my question is, does she live on my floor, or who does she know on my floor, and, did she get out of the elevator coz she did not like the vibe I was giving off? I forgot to mention that when I went into the elevator, the L button was pressed... maybe a mistake??????????

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