Monday, September 11, 2006

My Walk with a Leaf

I was walking the road of life one day,
When I saw a leaf lying near by,
He came up to me a few words to say,
With a half smile and a sigh.
He introduced his little self to me,
His story, his life, his cry and smile,
And as we reached a faraway tree,
I realized that we had walked for over a mile.
And this marked a new beginning,
Of our everyday walk together,
I felt like a bird with wings,
Of which the leaf was the feather.
We soon started walking close by,
The leaf became a part of me,
If he were to wither knew I were to die,
If he were to bloom, I were to be happy.
Then one day things weren't so good,
I guess the leaf was tired of the walk,
He didn't behave like he usually would,
I knew that it was time for a talk.
We talked and fought while I cried,
I didn't want the leaf to wither away,
There wasn't a thing I hadn't tried,
To convince him to keep walking my way.
Then suddenly the wind blew the leaf away,
The time- right after Dawn wanted so bad for him to stay,
But I had to face that he was gone.
I thought about the leaf for long,
And our walks which I thought would last,
To pass time I read or sang a song,
But that too reminded me of the past.
And as I walk the path of life today,
I see many leaves lying near by,
I guess its time a few words to let them say,
And bid the memories of the old leaf goodbye!


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