Thursday, April 12, 2012

On cooking abilities...

Or the lack thereof.

Whenever I say I can't cook, people look at me funny. No one understands that when I don't cook, it isn't for lack of trying or laziness, but for the greater good. I was aiming at being healthy 2 days ago and opted to make a grilled chicken breast instead of ordering in. How hard can that be, I told myself? As long as it is all white through and through, I have nothing to worry about. Right?


I've been suffering from food poisoning ever since. It is horrible. I made the chicken that could have killed me... with my own two hands.


So, next time I say I don't cook, spare me the indignant judgemental look and instead, tell me what a fantastic idea that is. If you can cook, offer me a nice meal, I wouldn't say no ;)

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