Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Samsung Galaxy Phone

This is an Ad for the Samsung Galaxy Phone, starring my friend Mani.

Well, well, well... what can I say? Let me start off by saying that it always feel good when you see your friends in a youtube video, in a movie, in a show etc. Suddenly, you find yourself with a huge grin on your face and your heart is just filled with love and emotion. Secondly, the phone truly is great. My sister has it and she sings its praises on a daily basis. It is fast, reliable, powerful, and easy to use. The only reason I'm still a blackberry chick is because a) I can't be bothered to transfer contact info and calender info from one phone to the other; and b) the phone is a little too big. It's wider than the Iphone even and thus, it won't fit in most of my clutches. c) Samsung has really turned itself around and has embraced technology, it is not imitating the Iphone, but innovating in its own way.d) I am team anything NOT IPHONE =D

Having said all that I should mention one of its many cool features, its 8 megapixel camera. It is AWESOME! Mani keeps taking pictures of our lovely professors and sending them over to me when I'm in the next class. It keeps us entertained and sane.

Ok, I'll stop typing now, and here is the video:


  1. My phone is not this version. it's the one before- they call it the gingerbread. Don't know why. But it's cool!

    Mani is cool too! Where's the gossip!

    1. In my defence, I never actually SAW your phone... just a picture of its box. =p

      And yes, Mani is cool. He is my smoking partner, and you know how serious I am when I appoint one.

      Finally, what gossip? All the gossip I gave you last night wasn't enough??? Really?!

  2. Replies
    1. The cool star makes a personal appearance on my blog; such an honour!