Sunday, January 8, 2012

Please find this

Today I had two philosophical conversations with two different people about human nature. With the first, I discussed how sad the world has become, how it has become easier to rely on friends rather than family; how blood is no longer a prerequisite for being loved unconditionally and cared for. Nowadays, it is the family you make for yourself, that what we refer to as friends, that loves and cares for you, no judgements. Relatives are the ones judging now, when they should be the first people to accept and embrace.

The second discussion was about how us, as humans, are constantly looking for, and are in need for closure. We can't just let things slide, no matter how hard we pretend otherwise. We say "I don't care" when in reality, we care way more than we care to admit. It only takes a few seconds to admit that we did someone wrong, or for them to admit that they hurt us, and yet, we rarely ever follow through. We all need and strive to be accepted, be heard and be noticed. We need to feel as though we matter, and part of that is closure. We need to know that the person who hurt us knows what they did, and that they are sorry for that.

We, as humans, are such a greedy bunch. We want it all, but are never thankful for what we have. We live in the past or the future, not in the present. We expect things to happen, but we rarely ever actively seek them. We are lazy and very conceited. We forget that for things to change, we need to change first. We need to make the first move, we need to decide, act and speak up. Only then will we see things change. Maybe not at first, but eventually, the change will be felt.

I will leave you with this video on youtube. It touched me with the simplicity of its message. Please listen to it and think about what it says.

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  1. We, as humans, are such a greedy bunch. We want it all, but are never thankful for what we have.

    --Sadly true :(