Wednesday, January 18, 2012

On the most romantic thing I've read in a while

You have to read the full post here

This is taken from it:
" ‘Cause what I mean is I want to touch you, not Poke you; I want to like you, not Like you; I want to love you, not Heart you. I want to live in a place void of scare quotes, of capitalized letters that inject semantics, a place void of tonal ambiguity. I want to live in a place where the space between your back exists, where it’s wire-less and not wireless, a place where I can like you in lowercase. Let me like you."
 This is really what life has become. How many relationships do you have that are mostly on line? I communicate with my sis, her kids, B and C on line as there are oceans, mountains and vast lands between us, not to mention the horrible 9 hour time difference. I live in cyber space. I sleep, eat and drink there. It is where I am most myself, and if I ever am in a relationship, I know I will be more comfortable communicating using 0s and 1s with him rather than talking face to face. As long as I have a vehicle to connect with (Phone or laptop) and a cup of coffee/tea next to me, I am happy and content. The world comes to me, rather than me going to it. It is so convenient, so simple, so EASY to lose yourself in cyberspace. All the roads may lead to Rome -in this case Rome is whatever spot I am sitting in-, but it only takes one to lead out of it and into the glorious world wide web.

We should all remember to sign out, log off ,shut down and go out to have some human experience. We, as humans, are losing that and we need to get it back.

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