Saturday, December 3, 2011

On UAE turning 40

I am not one to go insane on National day here, but I have to admit that the joy and happiness everyone radiates is contagious. You simply can not feel miserable, you can not feel sad, and you certainly can not ignore it; people are happy and it makes you happy.

The celebrations and the parades were insane this year, it is almost midnight and it is still SO noisy out there. People are singing and dancing in the streets, they are honking their car horns, spraying each other with crazy spray and everyone is enjoying it. They even turned their flashy and expensive cars into moving portraits reflecting the country and its leaders.

What I find to be amazing is how many people from all nationalities join in these celebrations. It is the one day where everyone is friends with everyone, where all the social barriers are broken, where everyone joins each other in celebrations. Amazing and awesome. Too bad people do not feel as "brotherly" the rest of the year... but that is a blog for a different day.

I share with you some pictures of this weekend:

bird's eye view

even joined in with a doodle

I LOVED this car. So creative. The guy was also super happy that I was taking pictures, he actually thanked ME!

This is him insisting that he wants to be in the picture

This is Sheikh Zayed, may he rest in peace, Founder of the Emirates and the First ruler of it and Abu Dhabi.

singing and dancing in the street 

I love how the flag is focused in this pic, while everything else is blurred. No photoshop, just pure talent


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