Saturday, December 10, 2011

On friends

My friend Yoyo is in town for a conference and I went out for lunch with her a few days ago. At lunch, I told her about my newest shocking personal experience in the dating field. Her answer? Blame America, it is the root of all evil. If they hadn't invaded his country, he wouldn't have come here, he wouldn't have met you and you wouldn't have gone through it. Priceless, pure wisdom. Even my lack of a love life can be blamed on America, isn't that a nice thought?

Yesterday was probably one of the best nights out that I've had in a long while. I went out to dinner with Yoyo and Nan, my oldest friends, where they surprised me with a birthday cake- one month after my bday- because one was away, and I was sick and didn't get to enjoy it. How sweet is that?

After, I went over to Nan's place and we just chilled, drank wine, and talked till the morning. I love having these two around, everything just somehow seems simpler, effortless, easy and clear. From Dr. Hell's classes to America intervening in my life, everything somehow made sense this morning. Oh, and no, being hungover is not the reason for that because almost 19 hours later, they still make sense.

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