Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Bye-bye toothie

Tomorrow is almost here, and with it it brings a 95% chance that I might loose a tooth. Why you might say? Well, allow me to explain:

In 2001 I had a root canal done on one of my teeth. However, it kept hurting me and every time I'd bring it up, no one would believe me as I have no roots there. Fast forward a few years and in 2007 I had a toothache that was so bad, no amount of medicine would put an end to it. I went to a dentist and he said that all this pain is because the root canal wasn't done properly. So, I got a second root canal on the SAME tooth. Fast forward yet another few years, and here we are. My tooth STILL hurts and I have this feeling of constant pressure on it. Went to yet another dentist and turns out, the second dentist did not put the correct crown on thus resulting in a gap to form between the tooth and the gums. What this means is that food has been getting stuck in there all this time (thus the pressure) and the plaque built as a result has been eating away at my gums. The solution: open it up and remove the tooth, well, thats a 95% chance but it might as well be a 100%.

What kills me is that I went to 4 dentists before him and no one would even X-ray it. WTF!!!!

This just goes to show you how incompetent and idiotic the as**holes we call dentists here are. Screw them all and may they all rot in Hell.



  1. You clearly went to the wrong dentist. Come to Canada and I'll take you to mine!

  2. sorry to hear this 7abibi!!

  3. Anju! Well, it is too late now; maybe if I got a chance to see you when I was there and tell you my story in person ;)

    Clau: Thank you for all the support!