Friday, September 24, 2010

A Song of a Broken Heart...

Almost a year ago, I was out at dinner with some people when the subject of "books" came up. So, we started talking and of the 15 people sitting with me at the table, 12 highly recommended  the epic fantasy book series by George R. R. Martin called a Song of Ice and Fire. It took me a few months till I got my hands on the first book called A Game of Thrones. Ever since then, it has been a ride to remember. The books are amazing. The creativity, writing, characters, kingdoms and everything is exactly what everyone at that dinner summed it to be: Epic and Awesome.

I just finished the fourth book in the series, and I have to say I am addicted. The second that book was over, I found myself googling the 5th book to see if it has been released here. To my dismay, however, the book has not been released yet. I went further in my research, trying to get a release date. To my horror, there isn't one yet. The 4th book was written in 2005, and the author had promised to have the 5th released within a year. A year turned into 2, then into 5.

Honestly, I am very disappointed. The author also extended the series to have a total of 7 book, but if it is taking him over 5 years to finish the 5th, how will he ever get to books 6 and 7? and WHEN? I need to know what will happen. It is such a politically saturated story with so many deceptions, manipulations, deaths and sadness. I need to read on and finish the series, otherwise, the characters will forever be tortured in my mind. What will happen to sweet Sansa who is so naive it is actually disturbing and annoying? What about Arya, who is a brave little girl that suddenly got propelled into a life she never anticipated? What about poor Bran who is trying to find answers, or Jon Snow the bastard son who lost the only few people that he loved dearly? I want to know what happens to the wicked and evil Queen Cersei, who had thought she was in charge of everything only to have it thrown in her face. I want to see Jamie redeem himself, and the imp Teriann should be able to redeem himself as well. So may characters, such a huge story and it is PAUSED!!!!!!!
This not knowing will drive me crazy, CRAZY I tell you. I want an ending, I want a happy one for a few, and a miserable and excruciating one for a lot more.  Most of all, I need the characters to be set free.

Having said all that, I should say that this is a mark of a great writer and a wonderful book. Not many books bring out such strong reactions from their readers. I highly recommend it, even though it left me so disappointed.

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