Thursday, April 29, 2010

random thought

Which is worse and who do you blame?

The monster and its actions, or those that created the monster?

Or do you just not blame anyone and instead go on pretending that everything is alright?


  1. You can't blame anyone. You can't blame the creator because if it was created to be a monster then its doing exactly what the creator intended. If it was created by accident then it was never the creator's intention for it to be a monster. In both cases playing the blame game with the creator is irrelevant. And you cannot blame the monster, it is doing what it is supposed to do. Rather than blame, find a solution. The towns people hunted down the Frankenstein monster as their solution, Ahab hunted Moby Dick, sailors hunted Captain Nemo and the Nautilis; will that work for the monster you have in mind?

  2. I'd blame the people who created the monster. The monster is just knows how to be a monster but those who created him knew what he would become or be...