Friday, April 2, 2010

Heard it...

Overheard this conversation in the elevator today. It was between two boys, 14 or 15 years old max:

Boy 1: Did you know that Rana lives in our building?
Boy 2: Who is Rana?
Boy 1: Rana!!! You know Rana
Boy 2: Rana who? I don't now a Rana
Boy 1: Rana! The one that is in 10th grade. The popular one*.
Boy 2: - just stares blankly-
Boy 1: Rana!!!! She hangs out at the -can't remember- all the time
Boy 2: Aahhhh!!! Rana! Why didn't you say so from the beginning?!!!!
Boy 1: -rolls eyes, then- Want to come over?
Boy 2: Sure, but I'll have to take off my ear ring so as your dad doesn't see it.
Boy 1: I didn't tell you? They are travelling! I am home ALONE! DO you have that other phone number?
Boy 2: Sure I do... why?
Boy 1: great, then we can make "our phone calls"**

*: I'm guessing they aren't part of the popular crowd
**: probably going to call and harass this Rana... poor girl

Elevator then finally gets to the 10th floor and both boys get out... they had huge grins on their faces.

Some things you really just can not make up!

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