Sunday, December 6, 2009

On Movies...

Spoiler Alert!!!

I just finished watching 7 Pounds starring Will Smith. I never watched it before because I was told that
a. it was too depressing
b. it was too slow

I was in a good mood today so I thought, what the hell?!

The movie was good. Surprisingly good. I never imagined that Smith could do such a good job in a seriously dramatic movie. It WAS slow, true, but it was engaging nonetheless. What I did not like though, is that they did not really dwell on ALL 7 people he donated parts to. He donated to his brother, to the girl, to the social worker, to the blond guy, gave his house to the woman and her 2 kids... and maybe did something for that elderly woman who refused to talk. Even then, he is left with one short. Unless.... mmm, it just occurred to me. The last person he "saved" was himself. He had to give back the 7 lives he took, and by taking his life, he gave life.

It was interesting to see how this man who set out to end his life, actually gave more than organs and a second shot at life to others. It was interesting to see how he gave them hope. The hope of a better tomorrow, something they did not have before.

What is really interesting though, is how this whole story could be traced to the 7 seconds he mentioned that completely and drastically changed his life. The few seconds it took him to look don at his Blackberry and make the decision to text and drive. The director was very smart to show just how many lives can be lost and forver changed by a decision that only really takes one second of our time.

I wonder if people like that actually live in our world. I, myself, am still unsure whether I would want my organs donated upon my death or not. Sometimes I think, why not, I WILL be dead and therefore will have no use for any organs. Other times I worry that if I am not buried with all my organs intact, something somewhere in the future will go horribly wrong. May it be not being granted access to heaven, or not being able to reincarnate -I'm also not very sure about this!-, the thought sometimes freaks me out.

Oooooh, on a lighter note, I want me a jellyfish that swims in a tank inside my room!!! It is SO cool, relaxing and freaky. Jellyfish are exceptional creatures.

So yeah, I did enjoy the movie, and if after reading all the above you still think you might want to watch it, I say go ahead. Slow but great movie. The suicide scene at the end is perfection.

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